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{Wednesday, January 28, 2004}

rhizomatic bifurcation

On Plagiarism

Look mate you hike, unlike
mossy stumps and bark.
If vile jelly perceives just distribution
& is content with unhoused heads
& unfed sides, who will remark it?
Why, this is the world's soul.
My extended family forest
squats in the dark.

Sun 'sheds its skin like a snake'
"The fact that the Sun's outer layers are bubbling, and that the Sun rotates faster at the equator than the poles, and faster on the inside than on the surface, results in a solar dynamo that, over 11 years, becomes increasingly wound up.
So at some stage during the magnetic cycle the Sun has to somehow shed its old, contorted magnetic skin, and allow a newer, less troubled one, to emerge."
Dr David Whitehouse

posted by Andrew 1/28/2004 05:35:00 PM