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{Monday, October 07, 2002}

Bonjour !

"The major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur." A.N.Whitehead

What�s that buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzzzing ?

Every text has a generative pretext.

Let us consider for a moment - "global interactive cooperation in generating a new context of reading
- encyclopaedic, multi-media, yet alphabetic, photographic, phonographic, filmic, gestural
and dramatic - {and how it} will contribute to our new modes of "raiding" a text in which the
computer will be both a tool and an alter-ego to the readers in their act of re-writing
- the consumer-producers in their act of reproducing."
Hypermedia Joyce Studies, 3.1 (2002),
Donald F. Theall

"Most of us are familiar with Joyce's remarks about deliberately enticing his readers
into interminable interpretation, since his book is directed towards "the ideal reader
with ideal insomnia," but the Wake's interdiscursive (or intertextual) aspect as well
as its complex intratextuality goes much further ..." Donald F. Theall -
Joyce's Practice of Intertextuality

"The prouts who will invent a writing there ultimately is the poeta, still more learned,
who discovered the raiding there originally. That's the point of eschatology our book of kills
reaches for now in soandso many counterpoint words. What can't be coded can be decorded
if an ear aye seize what no eye ere grieved for. Now, the doctrine obtains, we have occasioning
cause causing effects and affects occasionally recausing altereffects."
Finnegans Wake 3.3.483

"... the sameold gamebold adomic structure ... as highly charged with electrons
as hophazards can effective it ...
" The Joyce of Science - Quantum Physics in Finnegans Wake

Joyce's post-encyclopaedic memory machine - at least for the moment - is beyond the computer
in the speed and range of the linkages and the excessive productivity of what Joyce described as
his "ambiviolence".

"We want a world where global publishing is effortless. We want a world where you don't have to ask
for help or permission to write out loud. However, when we get that world we face the paradox of
oxygen and gold." Clay Shirky - Weblogs and the Mass Amateurization of Publishing

"All art is really quite Ulysses." Oscar Wilde II

Note - John O'Neill credits Vico with a "wild sociology" in Making Sense Together: An Introduction to
Wild Sociology
(NY: Harper & Row, 1974), 28-38.
by DONALD F. THEALL Postmodern Culture_ v.2 n.3 (May, 1992)

The library of the Mouseion in Alexandria may have ceased to exist but evidence of what it once
contained can be gleaned from fragments of papyri found elsewhere in Egypt,
writes Jill Kamil.

What is it that "haunts the pages of the closed book?"
Sam Slote

"Our consumers are they not our producers?"

Are you & I going to the Livre?

posted by Andrew 10/07/2002 03:01:00 PM